Laundry day, your way.

How do you laundry?

It’s been two years of doing Laundry Day with you and your clever (and unexpected!) ways of using our Laundry Collection beyond the washing machine.

Here are some of your thoughts and bright ideas...

“I bought these as a gift for my Mum, and she won't stop raving about them! They are a great finishing touch even if you line-dry your sheets, to give them a luxurious subtle fragrance before popping them on the bed!” - Caity

“Love this product. Reduces drying time in the dust and makes the laundry smell lovely.”
- Helen

“As usual was extremely impressed with the Lavender and Chamomile dryer ball set . My towels and sheets smell absolutely beautiful.”
- Dawn

“Smell incredible. I love the dryer balls, what a fabulous invention. Everyone needs these!”
- Alex

“I love these. I have seen a huge difference when drying my clothes. They take half the time and come out smelling amazing.”
- Melody

“I have the wool ball and put the drops on them in the dryer. Smells nice and helps remover static. I also use these in my vacuum, as I have a dog, works a treat.”
- Linda

“Just love this blend. Perfect for the laundry and not overpowering.”
- Nicola

“Absolutely beautiful,the washing has never smelt better,thanks Ecoya.”
- Denise

“This is one of my favourite products, my clothes smell amazing.”
- Amy

“I sprayed this on my pillows every night and being an insomniac I know it has helped me getting to sleep since I started using it.”
- Dawn

“Beautiful scent. I use it in my beddings and even my sheer curtains for a little fresh burst.”
- Josephine

“Gorgeous fragrance. I use it on my sheets and also in my teenage boys' rooms,”
- Sarah

“A few sprays into the linen cupboard and I can smell it when I walk past.
- Jane

“I love this scent and the freshness it leaves after spaying. Whole family loves it too, it's become our signature scent in the home.”
- Zeena

“So strong! Fragrances my entire wardrobe”
- Nicole

“I pop it in my bag whenever I go away”
- Andrea

We want to know, how do you do use our Laundry Collection?

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