Safety instructions and caring for your ECOYA Candle

We love that you enjoy burning our candles in your home, however there are some important safety instructions that must be followed in order to have the best candle burning experience.
The most important thing to remember is that candles are a naked flame and they need to be treated with caution and respect.

We take candle safety very seriously at ECOYA, so when you first open your ECOYA candle, you will find safety instructions inside the candle jar and on the base of both the carton and the vessel.
It is important to read these instructions for safe candle burning.
  • We advise that before every burn you trim the wick of your candle. This includes the very first burn. The wick only needs to be approximately 6mm in length to do its job effectively.

    If your wick becomes too large, it can mushroom, causing excess soot and more heat, so will therefore burn through your candle faster, decreasing the overall burn time.

  • Do not burn your candle for longer than three hours.

    Our candles are poured into vessels made from annealed soda lime silicate glass, a glass designed specifically for candle burning. However by burning your candle for longer than the advised period, the vessel may become hot to touch and through this may cause injury.

  • Discontinue burning your candle when 10mm / 1cm of wax is remaining.

    Our wicks have been designed to self-extinguish at approximately 10mm. However, if your candle has been burning for a longer period of time the wick is likely bigger and therefore generating more heat and burning through the wax faster. If it becomes too hot, the heat can surpass the crimping in the wick which is designed to self-extinguish. The wick is attached to a metal tab on the bottom of your candle and if that overheats then breakages may occur.

  • Always ensure you burn your candle on a stable and heat resistant surface, away from drafts or items that can catch alight.

  • If you’re burning more than one candle at a time, space your candles approximately 100mm (10cm) apart.

  • Never leave a burning candle unattended or near children or pets.


While not much thought is given to the burning technique of your candle, there are a few tips and tricks to follow to ensure you make the most of your ECOYA candle.
  • Burn your ECOYA candle for a minimum of an hour, or until the wax pool reaches the edge of the vessel.

    Burning your candle to the edge of the vessel will prevent tunnelling. By burning your candle so the wax pool reaches the edge of the jar, it will mean that all subsequent burns will burn evenly, therefore maximising burning time.

  • To extinguish your candle, use a snuffer or blow it out gently. This will
    eliminate black sooty particles from getting stuck in the wax.

  • Do not use liquid or the lid to extinguish your candle. The lid is not a snuffer.

  • Re-using your ECOYA candle - You can re-use your ECOYA glass jar by gently washing out the remaining wax with warm soapy water. Be careful not to use anything too abrasive when washing as you may scratch the inside of the jar.

  • They make for a great vase, the perfect jar for your makeup brushes, cotton buds or even under the sink with your washing up utensils.

If you do have any further questions, please get in touch with us. Contact us here.