Our new Christmas candle: ‘The Goldie’

Introducing the star of the show…

At the heart of our Holiday Collection is The Goldie, a new brushed gold aluminium candle vessel, available in our three Holiday Collection fragrances, Fresh Pine, Raspberry & Hibiscus and Blossom & Spiced Vanilla.

The Goldie was designed to bring a touch of holiday elegance to the home, long after the unboxing is done.

Here’s what she’s got to offer

Filled with more of our natural soy wax & more candlelight

Available in our three festive fragrances

Infinitely recyclable & reusable vessel

The Goldie gives you more candlelight

90 hours of candlelight
(+10 more hours than usual!)
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So does The Mini Goldie

30 hours of candlelight
(+5 more hours than usual!)
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