A moment with Millo founder, Natalie Norman

The entertaining season is nearly upon us. Being either the entertainer or the entertained, the warmer days have us planning for our summer soirées.

Natalie Norman, is the woman behind Growbright, by Natalie and her latest venture, Millo. Dedicated to creating more sustainable and effortlessly chic loungers, Millo is the next generation of bean bags. We took a moment to celebrate Millo’s first birthday with Natalie and got her tips for entertaining at home.

We love an impromptu get together, what are your go-to entertainment must-haves for a last-minute celebration?

Great music, champagne, and yummy food. I usually throw together a platter with salmon & goats’ cheese, and I always keep some homemade paté in the freezer. Recently we rediscovered our love for different breads, quality oils and flavoured salts - it’s a bit indulgent but undeniably delicious.
When hosting, I love to create a bit of ambience in the kitchen where we seem to gather. Lighting a beautiful candle, like the ECOYA Celebration Candle and a fresh posy of flowers always brightens up the space.

Millo is a year old, congratulations! What was your “ah-ha” moment to launch Millo?

Thank you! I am very proud of how far we have come. The journey to Millo’s creation had been quite a process. Throughout my career, I’ve always experimented with foam off-cuts in various products and have created many beautiful pillows along the way.

Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time at home and during this time, I found myself dissatisfied with traditional bean bags due to their noise and tendency to go flat. That is when it struck me that I wanted to create something unique – the most comfortable seat in the house, one that would adapt with changing fashions and preferences. What truly fuelled my passion was the realisation that we could recycle these products into carpet underlay at the end of their lifecycle. I fell in love with the concept of a circular story – not only could the covers be updated, but the core of the product could be recycled. I couldn’t wait to introduce these irresistibly comfortable seats to New Zealand homes.

We are thrilled to be celebrating this special moment with you with our dedicated Celebration fragrance, White Musk & Warm Vanilla. What is your favourite pick from our Celebration Collection and why?

I've been especially enjoying the candles. As I mentioned, I enjoy entertaining and I used to reserve candles for special occasions, but now I've come to cherish those quiet moments with my loved ones. We often play some music and light a candle to create a calm atmosphere after a hectic day.
The Grand Celebration Candle is my favorite and I must admit that the diffuser from the Celebration Collection is a close second for me. It's a wonderful addition to our home ambiance.

If we popped over to your house, where would we find your Millo?

You'll likely spot a Millo in almost every corner of our home! In our family room, you'll find both a Solo and a Pebble. we reserve our Millo Duo for summer lounging by the pool – it happens to be my personal favourite, offering the ultimate relaxation experience.

Set the scene for us: it is a crisp, blue skied, spring afternoon and you are hosting a few close friends… What fragrance are you burning? What are we listening to? What are we sipping on? Where are we enjoying the sunset?

Listening to: Avicii or Ed Sheeran
Sipping on: Scapegrace Gin and sodas
Enjoying the sunset: Out on our veranda on a couple of Millo’ Duos

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