This month, we are celebrating our iconic fragrance, Lotus Flower, a warm and delicately spicy mix that is both sensual and relaxing.

With the influence of Australian white lotus flower, infused with deep shades of Pacific vanilla and patchouli, we explore the notes that make this fragrance one of our all time faves…
Lotus Flower

White Lotus Flower:

The Lotus Flower is an aquatic perennial, growing in shallow murky waters it blooms in the morning and closes its flowers at night.

Historically, the Lotus Flower has been connected with relaxation and spirituality with qualities that evoke a sense of serenity. In some religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, the White Lotus Flower symbolises a state of mental purity and spiritual perfection.

A light floral note with aqueous qualities, Lotus Flower brings a gentle elegance to the fragrance.


Often associated with decadent baked goods, vanilla is a rich gourmand note which provides body to the fragrance.

Vanilla is a herbaceous climbing vine with orchids producing fruit shaped like pods. Pods can be anywhere from 5cm to 22cm in length, the larger the pod the higher the quality. The harvesting of the pods is very time-intensive, making vanilla one of the most expensive spices.

Vanilla fragrance is known to offer an array of health benefits which include the ability to reduce stress, improve mood, induce sleep and promote serenity.

The aroma profile of vanilla is soft and sweet providing a comforting element to fragrances, it is also used in our French Pear, Vanilla Bean, Spiced Ginger & Musk and White Musk & Warm Vanilla fragrances.


Patchouli is derived from a large evergreen perennial which is a close relative of mint, lavender and sage. The patchouli plant grows between two to three feet in a warm, damp climate. The herb has furry green leaves with white and purple blooms. Patchouli leaves need to be dried for three to four months before extracting the oil.

Patchouli fragrance has a calming and balancing scent, it is known to enhance mood, fight depression and work as a bug repellent.

The aroma profile of patchouli is slightly sweet with an earthy and woody edge.

Patchouli is also in our Spiced Ginger & Musk fragrance.

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