Garment care 101 with hejhej

Our friends at local fashion label hejhej give us their top tips for
taking care of your wardrobe.


Invest in good quality fabrics and fits that suit you!
Don’t get caught up in trend-driven purchases as you will get much more wear out of pieces
that are versatile and you can see working in your everyday life.


Don’t over wash your garments. Knitwear can be refreshed by airing. When you do wash, hand wash using a small amount of a gentle laundry detergent.


We love the ECOYA Dryer Balls, they fluff everything up beautifully, cut down on dryer time and most importantly make everything smell so good. We also love that they’re made from wool.


Our top tip to cut down our ironing pile is to hang our linens up when they are damp - this gives them the perfect laundered finish.

We have been spritzing all our linen garments in the store and at home with the ECOYA linen spray and it makes it feel extra fresh and luxurious.

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